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Powder metallurgy technology has huge market potential and unstoppable development

The history of powder metallurgy technology has been more than 100 years. After a hundred years of development, this technology has also become a recognized high-quality technology for the production of various high-quality parts. Compared with other metal forming technologies, powder metallurgy has unparalleled advantages in material utilization, shape complexity and near net shape size control.
1. The preferred forming process of powder metallurgy into cost-effective parts

It is understood that the tensile strength of powder metallurgy parts is between 170 and 1200 MPa. Compared with the traditional part manufacturing process, it has the following advantages: 1) Compared with traditional processed parts, the hardness of the powder metallurgy parts and the strength and toughness of the parts Both are very good; 2) It can produce complex or uniquely shaped parts that cannot be manufactured by other processes; 3) It can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolled steel scales, and recycle scrap metal as raw materials. New technologies for effective material regeneration and comprehensive utilization; 4) Powder metallurgy parts can achieve near net formation and automated mass production, thereby effectively reducing production resources and energy consumption; 5) Powder metallurgy process can provide low cost zero Components to meet consumers' requirements for high quality and low price. It is for this reason that powder metallurgy has become an important molding process for additive manufacturing and an important part of China's manufacturing 2025.
2. Wide application of powder metallurgy parts and products, providing development convenience for various industries

At present, powder metallurgy parts technology has been widely used in the fields of automobiles, communications, home appliances, engineering machinery, power tools, etc., which has vigorously promoted the development of industrial enterprises in China. As we all know, before the emergence of powder metallurgy technology, industrial production mainly relies on traditional processes, to a certain extent, there is a problem of low efficiency and backward technology. With the advancement of science and technology, traditional technological processes have been unable to meet the requirements of enterprises for products and production. Therefore, due to the huge technical and economic advantages of powder metallurgy, rapid development will inevitably play a huge role in energy saving and material saving, improving performance and improving labor productivity and environmental protection, thereby promoting the development of pillar industries and basic industries.
3. The automotive industry is developing rapidly, and powder metallurgy technology has helped to open up a vast market space of nearly 20 billion yuan

In recent years, the main market of the powder metallurgy parts industry has evolved from the refrigerator compressor industry, air-conditioning compressor industry, and motorcycle industry to the automotive industry. At present, the average amount of powder metallurgy products per vehicle in my country is only about 5kg, far lower than 14kg in Europe and 19.5kg in the United States. Taken together, the penetration rate of powder metallurgy in the domestic automotive market is relatively large. However, under the trend of light-weight fuel economy and green technology, China's powder metallurgy products are expected to continue to increase in bicycle usage. According to the latest statistics, the annual output of Chinese automobiles in 2017 was 29.195 million. According to a conservative estimate of a compound growth rate of 1%, China's automobile production will be 30.495 million by 2022. Based on the average usage of 6kg of powder metallurgy parts per bicycle, it is estimated that by 2022, China's automotive powder metallurgy parts market will reach 14.638 billion yuan. With the addition of powder metallurgy parts used for automobile chassis, the domestic automobile powder metallurgy market will reach 20 billion yuan.
The development of China's automobile industry not only provides huge market demand for the powder metallurgy industry, but also puts forward higher requirements on the process level, technology and quality of the domestic powder metallurgy industry. In such an environment, domestic metallurgical enterprises should insist on innovation, continuously upgrade technological processes, and achieve coverage of high-end automotive powder metallurgy components. As a leading enterprise and local brand in China's powder metallurgy parts industry, Minxin Powder has gradually established its competitive advantage in the fierce market competition environment and formed a unique brand effect. Its commercial value and social value have also been demonstrated. In the future, Minxin Powder will also continue to adhere to lead the development with innovation and contribute its own strength to the development of modern powder metallurgy technology!