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Custom Disc hub core Powder Metal parts Manufacturers

JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd. is famous China Custom Disc hub core Powder Metal parts manufacturers and Disc hub core Powder Metal parts factory, We have advanced and perfect powder metals production and testing equipment, rigorous and standardized quality assurance system and innovative and pragmatic management and service team, so as to fundamentally guarantee the excellent quality and larger capacity. Every year, 300-500 new parts can be developed, and about 3500 tons, 100 million pcs of powder metals parts with iron base, copper base, stainless steel and MIM can be manufactured. All the year round for the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, more than 150 customers in over 20 countries and regions to provide cost-effective automotive, home appliances, transmission, garden machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, communications equipment, wholesale Disc hub core Powder Metal parts and other accessories.