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What is the basis of the temperature of the sintering furnace?

Generally speaking, when the mesh belt furnace is sintered, hydrogen is passed. The possible exhaust gas is carbon monoxide, etc. You can open vents in the high-temperature furnace. If you directly use an open flame to ignite the exhaust carbon monoxide, it will be dangerous, because it cannot be completely carbon monoxide. , There will be hydrogen (because it is necessary to eliminate the risk of explosion caused by hydrogen), it is best to connect a pipe to the exhaust hole and exhaust the exhaust gas outside. This is also the safest.

High Precision Powder Metal Sintering Internal/External Ring Gear

High temperature furnace model TNQ1100-30. The first temperature is 400, the second is 560. When sintering iron-based products, the first temperature is 550, the second is 650, the third is 750, and the fourth is 1050. Copper-based products should reach about 800 degrees. Well, 560 degrees,,,, I don’t know if the iron-based products are sintered too low. The previous 500-700 degrees is dewaxing, and 1050 is the sintering problem. You can go back and look at the iron-carbon phase diagram to know why. The speed you mentioned is the speed of the motor of the furnace, that is, the speed of the mesh belt. The sintering time of each temperature zone can be obtained, so it can be regarded as the sintering time.