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Which is better, powder metallurgy or die casting?

In the manufacturing process of many parts, powder metallurgy and die casting are two technologies that should be very extensive at present. Powder metallurgy is a process technology for preparing metal or using metal powder as raw material, forming and sintering, manufacturing metal materials, composites and various types of products. However, the essence of pressure casting is to fill the die-casting cavity with liquid or semi-liquid metal at a higher speed under high pressure, and form and solidify under pressure to obtain castings. So which is better, powder metallurgy or die casting?

The choice between powder metallurgy and die casting is often a matter of part size or material requirements, rather than economic issues.

Under normal circumstances, our commonly used die-casting materials are aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy, and copper alloy die-casting parts are also used in a limited range. Because of the high melting point of ferroalloy and stainless steel, powder metallurgy technology should be adopted. Compared with traditional powder metallurgy parts and metal injection molded parts, the size of die castings may be the same or much larger. When it is mainly required for materials, it is more appropriate to use powder metallurgy technology.