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How to make metal into powder metallurgy?

How to make metal into powder metallurgy? Many people don't know how powder metallurgy makes metal powder.

When manufacturing some powders needed in powder metallurgy, not only can some solid metal products be made into powder. Some gaseous and liquid metals and their related compounds can also be made into usable powders. Powdered Metallurgy Stainless Steel Parts When using liquid metal to make metal powder, one way is the atomization method. This method is very simple, and many people choose this method first when making powder.

Of course, there are many ways to make liquid metal into powder in powder metallurgy. For example, these metals can be put into some salt solutions, and the needed powders can be replaced by some substitutions. In addition, some specific ingredients can be added to these liquid metals. After a period of reaction, the powder we need can be precipitated out.

Of course, the required powder can be obtained through electrolysis by energizing. For some gaseous metals, it is easier to make them into powder. At this time, just choose some physical methods.