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Which is better, powder metallurgy MIM injection molding and PM compression molding?

The powder metallurgy process has two major molding technologies, one is MM injection molding, and the other is PM compression molding. Both molding technologies are one-time molding, near-net molding technology, suitable for small precision parts manufacturing, Bearing anti-friction parts series mass production is more conducive to cost savings And production efficiency, but MIM injection molding technology is more suitable for the production of high-precision, complex parts, but not particularly complex and special materials.

1: MIM injection molding is unlimited

PM press molding depends on high-pressure uniaxial press molding, PM press molding is more suitable for simpler structural parts. The use of MIM injection molding has almost no geometric restrictions, and the three-dimensional design is very free.
2: MIM injection molding is more cost-effective

If the customer wants to increase the cost of more expensive raw materials and equipment, you can save on high-density, high-complexity structural parts that cannot be manufactured by any other traditional process. PM press molding may be a cost-effective solution for simple parts, but MIM injection molding can produce precise part geometries without cutting and secondary processing, reducing costs for the entire production.

3: Powder material

PM and MIM use the same basic powder. Both processes can be customized for special parts. However, the key difference between the materials is the particle size. MIM injection molding powder is much smaller and more expensive than PM compression molding powder.

4: Better physical properties
The density of the structural parts produced by MIM injection molding and the structural parts produced by PM compression molding are not the same. The friction between the powder and the tool will make the parts uneven, while the MIM injection molded parts are uniform in all directions. The sintering temperature of MIM is much higher than that of PM, and the strength, toughness and wear resistance of MIM injection molding are significantly higher.

So MIM injection molding and PM compression molding technology which is better? For precision and complex structural parts, MIM injection molding technology is preferred. Some structural parts require a combination of one or more precision parts, and the complexity is very high. The traditional manufacturing process is cumbersome and complicated, the material waste is large, and the production efficiency is not high. However, the use of powder metallurgy MIM injection molding technology is a high level of complex and precise structural parts. Cost-effective, high-quality molding technology, MIM injection molding in automotive, digital electronics, home appliances, medical equipment, hardware tools and other fields.