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The development status of powder metallurgy in the automotive industry

Today, the proportion of powder metallurgy parts in automobiles and motorcycles is increasing. Among them, powder metallurgy gears are widely used. Regardless of the weight or quantity of the parts, the proportion of powder metallurgy gears in automobiles and motorcycles is much higher than in other fields.

The increase in the proportion of powder metallurgy parts in motorcycles and automobiles shows that powder metallurgy gears are in a fast-developing position in the entire powder metallurgy parts. When divided according to the characteristics of the parts, the gear is a structural part, and the absolute weight of the structural parts of the entire iron-based part is much heavier than other types of powder metallurgy parts.

Since powder metallurgy technology is used to process gears with complex structures, special care must be taken during processing. In this case, in order to increase the strength of the mechanical gear, it is necessary to appropriately select the material according to the performance requirements of the workpiece. The use of powder metallurgy material blanks for gear transmission can increase its strength by about 10%. In addition, the precision of gear powder metallurgy production is related to the expansion coefficient of material processing and the precision of the mold. Therefore, domestic molds for gears with a diameter less than 50 have about 8 grades, while imported molds have 7 grades.

In this case, the helical gear has a higher grade. The big advantage of using powder metallurgy to manufacture gears is that they can be mass-produced and have good uniformity. Conventional powder metallurgy gear products can usually withstand a torque equivalent to 14 nautical miles, while worm pressing parts can reach 20 nautical miles. In the design, if the whole set of gear adopts professional powder metallurgy design, if the change is allowed, its quality may be reduced by 30%.

As far as the powder metallurgy machinery parts industry is concerned, the automobile industry is a relatively large powder metallurgy parts market. At the same time, the industry also has the most stringent regulations on the technical characteristics and quality of powder metallurgy parts. In Europe and other regions, the demand for powder metallurgy parts in the automobile manufacturing industry accounts for more than 90% of the entire powder metallurgy sales. With the further increase in the sales volume of my country's automobile industry and the increase in demand for bicycle powder metallurgy parts, the powder metallurgy sales market has a promising future in the vehicle industry.

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