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What are the application areas of powder metallurgy gears?

With the development and demand of the automobile industry in recent years, the demand for powder metallurgy gears has gradually increased and entered the public's field of vision. Powder metallurgy gears are commonly used in various automobile engines. They are very economical and practical in large quantities. What are the characteristics of powder metallurgy gears? What are its application fields?

Powder metallurgy gears are powder metallurgy parts commonly used in various automobile engines. Through one-time forming and finishing processes, no other post-treatment processes are required, and the dimensional accuracy requirements, especially the tooth profile accuracy, can be fully achieved. Therefore, compared with traditional mechanical processing methods, the material input and manufacturing are greatly reduced. It is a typical product that reflects the characteristics of powder metallurgy.

The application fields of sintered powder metal gears include: automobile engines, camshafts, crankshaft timing pulleys, water pumps, oil pump pulleys, driving and driven gears, driving and driven sprockets, cams, bearing caps, rocker arms, bushings, Thrust plates, valve guides, intake and exhaust valve seats, automobile gearboxes; various high and low speed synchronizer gear hubs and components, clutch gears, cams, camshafts, sliders, shift levers, bushings, guide blocks, synchronization Ring motorcycle parts: driven gears and components, sprockets, starting pawls, ratchets, star wheels, double gears, counter gears, shift gears, push rod cams, bushings, sliding bearings, centering sleeves, driven Discs, intake and exhaust valve seats, automobile and motorcycle oil pumps: various oil pump gears, gear hubs, various oil pump rotors, cam rings, various pistons of automobile and motorcycle shock absorbers, bottom valve seats, and guide seats. Pistons, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, valve plates, seal rings, agricultural machinery products, various bushings, rotors, bearings, etc.: distributor gears, planetary gears, internal gear plates, combined internal gears, various stainless steel nuts, magnetic poles.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone already knows the application fields of powder metallurgy gears. At present, the proportion of powder metallurgy gears in automobiles and motorcycles is much larger than that of powder metallurgy parts in other fields.