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Sintered Powder Metal Gears

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  • External Dimensions
  • Working Process: Conventional sintering process for powder metallurgy parts and sintered part
    Powder mixing - Forming - Sintering - Oil impregnation - Sizing -Ultrasonic cleaning - Steam oxidation - Oil impregnation - Final inspection - Packing
    Surface Treatment: High frequency quenching, oil impregnation, CNC, vacuum cleaning, polishing
    Technology: Sintering - Powder Metallurgy
    Material: Iron powder, alloy powder, precious metal powder


    Gear pumps are a common form of constant displacement fluid pumps used in many applications and products. The established capability of delivering highly precise and consistent gears makes PM an ideal technology for this application. Additionally, PM gear geometry is not encumbered by limitations common to other gear making methods, which allows PM gears to be fully optimized to achieve high efficiency and low noise and matched to the specific application.


    Advantages of powder metal gears:
    Unique and optimized gear designs
    Integrated designs
    Excellent dimensional precision
    Materials matched to performance requirements
    Supplied as components or sub-assemblies
    Proven, reliable and high volume manufacturing process
    Small gears and drives are present in many body and chassis systems throughout automobile
    Net shape PM technology is ideal choice for these components and offers engineers tool to create smaller, lighter and higher performance systems than competing processes


    Applications of powder metallurgy gears:
    Widely used in automobile, motorcycle and many other field.like transmission gear, sintered spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear, engine gear, sleeve, copper sleeve, sleeve bearing, sintered bronze, bush, pulley, timing pulley, structural parts, powder metallurgy parts, nut, auto parts, rotor and stator, speed reducer parts etc.

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