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What are the benefits of powder metallurgy processing?

Powder metallurgy is a near-net forming technology. At present, the application of powder metallurgy has been very extensive. Some precision parts such as mobile phone parts, computer parts, and home appliance parts in our lives are all processed by powder metallurgy technology. Made it out. However, some people still don't know much about the rise of new powder metallurgy technology, and prefer traditional processing technology.

1. Special materials can be processed. Refractory metals and compounds,Chinese Powder Metal parts  pseudo alloys and porous materials can be processed by powder metallurgy.

2. Since powder metallurgy can be pressed into product size, no further processing is required. In this method, only 1% of the metal loss occurs during the processing, saving raw materials and reducing production costs.

3. In the process of powder metallurgy, the material does not melt, does not mix with impurities of other substances, and is sintered in a vacuum and reducing atmosphere, does not oxidize and does not pollute the material. So the product purity is high.

4. Powder metallurgy is suitable for various products with uniform shapes, such as gears. Its processing cost is high, it can be mass-produced, and the production cost is greatly reduced.

Powder metallurgy processing technology is to use some metal powder as raw materials, through a series of mold compression molding or injection molding, to form products of corresponding shapes, and then through sintering to increase performance and some post-treatments, the final powder metallurgy processing products are formed. High, high performance, high efficiency, complex parts can also be mass-produced and processed.

Powder metallurgy processing technology has broken through the technical difficulties that traditional processing technology cannot break through, giving the production and processing of precision parts more advantages in efficiency, accuracy and cost, similar to some porous, shock absorption and sound insulation, bimetallic composite materials, special-shaped complex materials, etc., not only It can produce high-efficiency mass production, and can directly produce high-precision products, with little or no cutting, the material utilization rate is as high as 95%, and the processing procedures are few, which greatly reduces the production cost.