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How ductile is the powder metallurgy process?

Many customers say that the powder metallurgy processing technology is particularly good, and the various characteristics of the powder metallurgy products produced are of very high quality. In terms of ductility, not all powder metallurgy processing technologies are good. Therefore, is it extremely critical or depends on what powder metallurgy processing technology is actually selected in the production process?

For the general powder metallurgy process, due to the many system loopholes in the process level, its ductility and strength are not ideal. However, it can be improved by prepreg, compaction or high-performance liquid phase calcination, etc. Powder Metallurgy Sintered Sprocket Metal Parts The actual effect is very good. However, if the ultrafine powder is combined with the hot isostatic pressing technology, the cracks on the surface of the powder metallurgy product workpiece can basically be combined, and the relative density of the raw material is close to the basic theoretical limit, so that its ductility has been significantly improved.

Not only that, the dispersed reinforcing particles will also be extremely uniformly distributed in the raw materials, thereby reasonably preventing various defects generated during the basic processing. In addition to ductility, people are also very concerned about the strength of the product, which has nothing to do with the PM process or the raw materials used.