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What are the main applications of powder metallurgy parts in the home appliance industry?

Powder metallurgy is a material-saving and energy-saving process technology that can manufacture household appliances with special properties. What are the main applications of powder metallurgy parts in the home appliance industry?

1. Powder metallurgy parts in automatic washing machines

 The fully automatic washing machines currently on the market are roughly divided into three categories: the front-mounted side-opening drum-type washing machine invented in Europe, the impeller-opening-door washing machine invented by Asians, Custom MIM products Powder Metal parts and the "stirring" washing machine invented in North America. As early as the early 1970s, General Electric Company of the United States changed the two cutting steel parts in the transmission of the "stirring" automatic washing machine into redesigned powder metallurgy parts. These two parts are the locking tube and the spin tube.

 The redesigned powder metallurgy spin tube and locking tube have improved the production cost and product quality, and reduced the production cost of materials, labor, management costs and waste loss, and the total annual saving is more than 250,000 US dollars. In addition, the design of powder metallurgy parts is relatively "loose", allowing larger dimensional tolerances, which can significantly improve the quality level of the transmission.

 2. Powder metallurgy parts in electric fans

Electric fans are one of the most used products in household appliances. The annual output of electric fans in China now amounts to 10 million units. The most critical part in an electric fan is the sintered metal oil-impregnated bearing. The requirements for the shaft sleeve of the electric fan are self-lubricating, cleanliness, low rotating noise, good wear resistance, and low price. Powder metallurgy technology has realized these possibilities well.

 3. Powder metallurgy parts in small refrigeration compressors

 If small refrigeration compressors are the "heart" of refrigerators and room air conditioners, then it is the powder metallurgy parts that determine the quality and service life of this "heart". In view of the rapid development of powder metallurgy technology, in order to save energy and materials, reduce production costs and eliminate environmental pollution, compressor manufacturers in the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries have begun to replace cast iron-cutting parts with powder metallurgy parts.