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Which is better for automobile engine sprocket powder metallurgy manufacturers

Automobile engine sprockets are precision parts used in automobile engines. During the working process of automobile engines, the four processes of air intake, compression, explosion, and exhaust occur continuously in the cylinder, and the timing of each step must be related to the piston The movement state and position of the engine are matched to coordinate the intake and exhaust as well as the piston lift. sintered sprocket The timing sprocket of the automobile engine acts as a "bridge" in the engine, and transmits power to the corresponding engine under the drive of the crankshaft Pieces.

Advantages of powder metallurgy processing for automobile engine sprockets:

1: Powder metallurgy processing technology can be mass-produced, and the cycle is short, and the processing cost is lower than the traditional processing cost.

2: Powder metallurgy processing technology does not require or only a small amount of cutting processing, and the material utilization rate is as high as 95%.

3: The powder metallurgy processing technology adopts the mold to form at one time, with small tolerances and high product size consistency.

4: The pores can be immersed in lubricating oil, with good wear resistance and shock absorption ability.

5: The powder metallurgy gear itself has very good running-in performance, which can ensure long-lasting silence during use.

6: Powder metallurgy processing technology can provide diversified engine sprocket processing according to demand.