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What kind of process is powder metallurgy molding technology?

With the continuous development of high-tech industries, powder metallurgy has become an indispensable processing technology for many industries. It is a manufacturing technology that integrates material preparation and parts forming, energy saving, material saving, high efficiency, forming, and less pollution. The material and parts manufacturing industry has an irreplaceable position and role, so it is highly favored by people.

Powder metallurgy is a material made through a series of steps of mixing, Custom Flexible Jaw Coupling pressing, sintering, and post-processing. Powder metallurgy is a process technology for preparing metal powders and using forming and sintering processes to make metal powders into products. It is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and less-polluting manufacturing technology.

Our powder production process includes powder preparation, powder mixing and so on. In many cases, in order to improve the moldability and moldability of our powder, we usually add plasticizers such as gasoline, rubber or paraffin in the production process.

Powder metallurgy molding technology is a new type of powder metallurgy molding technology formed by bringing modern plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy. For example, locks, power tools, and oil-impregnated bearings in daily life all use powder metallurgy molding technology.

Powder metallurgy molding technology is a powder metallurgy technology that uses rapid solidification to prepare large pieces of dense metal materials. It is a near-final molding technology for preparing three-dimensional complex shapes of metal and ceramic parts. It is used to produce various metal and ceramic high-performance parts. Efficient skills and environmental protection technology.

Powder metallurgy forming technology, as a widely used precision forming technology, has the advantages of less chip-free processing, high material utilization, clean and efficient manufacturing process, low production cost, and can produce products with complex shapes and difficult to process. Powder metallurgy technology realizes the unique properties of parts through flexible and variable material formulations, and is especially suitable for the preparation of composite materials.