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Custom Flexible Jaw Coupling

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  • External Dimensions
  • A jaw coupling is a type of general purpose power transmission coupling that also can be used in motion control (servo) applications. It is designed to transmit torque (by connecting two shafts) while damping system vibrations and accommodating misalignment, which protects other components from damage.


    Jaw couplings are composed of three parts: two metallic hubs and an elastomer insert called an element, but commonly referred to as a "spider". The three parts press fit together with a jaw from each hub fitted alternately with the lobes of the spider. Jaw coupling torque is transmitted through the elastomer lobes in compression.


    The elastomer of the spider can be made in different materials and hardness, which allows the user to customize the coupling to best serve their application. Considerations for elastomer selection include ability to dampen vibration, ability to handle misalignment, operational temperature range, speed of equipment, and chemical conditions.


    Advantages of jaw coupling:
    1. It is easy to maintain ,no need the toole can install
    2. Can undertake high torque
    3. Have the good buffer
    4. Long service life


    Features of jaw coupling:
    1. Compact structure and small inertia
    2. Absorb vibration
    3. Operating temperature 35-80oC
    4. It will not deform when overload,and no maintenance

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