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Injection Molding Powder Metallurgy Copper-Based Parts

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  • External Dimensions
  • MIM Processing: Pre-mixing, Injection,Catalyze Debinding, Grinding, Inspection,Packaging
    Key Process: Metal Injection Molding/MIM
    Material: Ferrous Alloy, Stainless Steel,Tungsten Alloy,Carbide Alloy,Tool Steel , Fine Ceramic , Titanium Alloy
    Application: All Kinds of Machinery Parts, industry appliances
    Processing: Powder metallurgy sintering
    Function: Compressor parts
    Surface Finish: Electroplate,PVD,Sandblasting,Painting,Polishing,Laser Engraving etc.

    Advantages of Powder Metallurgy Copper-Based Parts:
    Powder Metal Parts is mainly made of metal powder through special industrial metallurgy processing, which has the characteristics of no rust, anti-aging, long life, etc.
    1. Better Peformance
    2. Longer Working Life
    3. Shorter Part Cycle Times
    4. Reduced Machine Fatigue
    5. Application-Specific Finishing
    6. Made for High Quality Air Condition Compressor
    7. Available in a variety of sizes
    8. Safe and reliable

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