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Powder Metallurgy Sintered Sprocket Metal Parts

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  • External Dimensions
  • Features of Sintered Sprocket Metal Parts:
    Type: Sprocket
    Material: Powder Metallurgy
    Number of Row: Double Row
    Surface Treatment: Zinc Plated, Chrom Plated, Polishing, Copper Coated
    Using: Automotive Engine, Motorbike Engine, Industrial Machinery


    Technical requirements:
    1. Press Facility: 400Ton
    2. Density: above 6.8g/cm³
    3. Weight: 311g
    4. Hardness: HRC30-42
    5. Surface treatment: Rust-preventative oil coated.


    Application of Sintered Sprocket Metal Parts:
    automotive engine, motorbike engine, industrial machinery


    Advantages of Powder Metallurgy Sintered Sprocket Metal Parts: 
    Lightweight optimized net shape designs
    Design freedom facilitates unique net shape features such as lightening holes and drive features such as keys, keyways, and slots
    Induction hardened or low distortion sinter hardened options
    Unique joining technology facilitates the addition of stamped flanges or sensor rings.

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