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Manufacturing process of powder metallurgy parts

The powder metallurgy technology we are more familiar with is mim injection molding and p/m compression molding, both of which use metal powder as the raw material, go through a series of molding and then sintering processes to complete the desired part shape and performance. Now only people in the industry know about powder metallurgy technology. In fact, powder metallurgy technology is very close to our lives. Many precision parts such as earphones, notebook computers, mobile phones, home appliances, automobiles, etc. are produced by powder metallurgy technology. Manufactured, then JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd., (Hangzhou Eastern Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.) will share with you the manufacturing process and application fields of powder metallurgy parts.

1. Manufacturing process of  Sintered Metal Parts

(1) Preparation of metal powder

A step in which raw materials are prepared into metal powders through oxide reduction and mechanical methods. Metal powders or non-metal powders are used as raw materials for powder metallurgy parts.

(2) Forming of parts

The mixed green powder is put into the corresponding forming mold of powder metallurgy, and formed into the desired shape through pressure forming or non-pressure forming, and it is formed into the shape of the mold with a light pressure, with high accuracy.

(3) Sintering of parts

Multiple sintering or unit sintering can be used to form the required physical and mechanical properties of the final part product. The powder metallurgy sintering process is the most important step in the entire process, and it is also the decisive process for product performance.

(4) Post-processing

After the sintering process, the parts that require high product accuracy, hardness, and parts appearance require subsequent finishing, oil immersion, electroplating, or a small amount of machining, heat treatment and other details to improve the stability of the product. The hardness is better.

The above is the manufacturing process of powder metallurgy parts. It seems very simple, but the powder ratio and sintering temperature and time are difficult to control. Only N Sintered Metal Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Dongfang Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. can do it with ease.

2. In which areas are powder metallurgy parts applied?

(1) The field of digital electronic appliances

Powder metallurgy parts are used in smart phones, notebook computers, smart wearables, home appliances and other fields.

(2) Automotive industry

Gears, engine rotors, car tailgates, car wipers and other components used in the automotive field.

(3) Medical device field

Medical equipment has relatively high requirements for parts and components. The powder metallurgy net molding technology is very suitable for the application of medical equipment parts, with higher precision and cleaner and sanitary products.

(4) Hardware tools field

Locks, bolts, power tools, hardware tool parts.

(5) Communication field

The base station communication gearbox, antenna and other parts are all made of powder metallurgy.
The above is the powder metallurgy parts manufacturing process and application fields shared by JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd., (Hangzhou Eastern Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.). JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd., (Hangzhou Eastern Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.) ., Ltd.) can develop 300-500 new parts every year, and can manufacture about 3,500 tons. The above fields are not comprehensive. If your field is not sure whether powder metallurgy can be used, please consult JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd., (Hangzhou Eastern Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. ), professional equipment and production technology, we provide you with a cost-effective production program that can ensure the performance of parts and reduce costs.